Software análise de dados tacógrafo digital e cartão

Complete software in digital version. After making the purchase, you will receive by email the instructions to download and install the program. In the software installation process, you will be asked for a license key that will be sent to the same email account you used when making the purchase.

This powerful software is the complete solution to comply with the regulations for archiving driver card and digital tachograph data. With the program the user has access to the data stored in the driver card and in the mass memory of the digital tachograph and can evaluate the data extensively. The program makes it easy and intuitive to analyze all registered activities in detail. The fleet manager, company manager or driver can consult in detail important information such as the offenses committed, constant speed, driving times, work and rest times, speeding and other activities considered out of the ordinary by the competent authorities.



Every time driver card data is read, this data is automatically stored on the local computer, which can later be read, archived and analyzed again. The breach assessment  provides an overview of breaches. Limit values ​​and determined values ​​can be read here easily and quickly. Infraction analysis enables a clear understanding of each infraction. The evaluation of shifts makes it possible to evaluate the shifts covered. Directly after reading the driver card or opening the archived data, you have an overview of the remaining working and driving time.

Card Control Plus software was awarded the 2009 IT Innovation Award

Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 / Compatible with MAC OS

4.0 ready

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Card Control Plus Program is a universal program compatible with data collected by any data download machine or card reader. You can combine this software with any data download machine from our catalog to obtain a complete system for downloading and managing your data.


Programa livre de renovações de licença e subscrições mensais. As actualizações do programa são gratuitas. Tambem ofrecemos todo o suporte técnico na utilização e compreensão do software Card Control Plus incluído.


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Software análise de dados tacógrafo digital e cartão